It’s summer and we all want a little more normalcy than last year. We may not be ready to jet around the world yet, but it’s nice back home too. Why not combine your love of photography with a family vacation and go on a great road trip together? Decide on a route and a destination, grab your cameras and set off on a weekend getaway or even a longer trip. Check out the sights, discover new places and, more importantly, take some fantastic photos. Our useful tips will help you to get really good photos on your road trip.

Tell a story

“A picture is worth a thousand words”: This sentence is often heard here at bonusprint, but it is really true. If a single photo can tell a story, imagine the impact and emotions a carefully composed sequence of photos can evoke. Try to capture and convey the emotions you are feeling while taking pictures. Always remember: group photos of your family or photos of your children splashing around in the water or playing ball are snapshots that are part of a longer story. You should also remember the trip when the children are older. If you take several photos of a certain subject, you have more options when editing later.

Familiarize yourself with the camera settings

The more time you spend adjusting your camera, the less time you have to take beautiful photos. You might even miss the perfect moment for a shot (we’ve all seen it before!). So get to know your camera before you go – especially if it’s new equipment you’ve bought for your vacation. For example, try out the settings for landscape or street photos early on. Do you need a quick overview of all your camera’s settings? Then read our practical tips here: . Make sure that your offspring can’t get their hands on the camera and that they change all settings if you’re not careful!

Time is on your side

Don’t rush into anything and take your time with your recordings. Sometimes the perfect snapshot comes out just like that and other times it takes a while for you to take it. Always make sure to familiarize yourself with your surroundings first. For example, take a look at where the light is coming from. Take your family for a walk and see the area. This is how you can find out which viewing angles you can use and where you can take the best shots. Be creative and come up with something special for your recordings: Are there, for example, cool reflections or shadows that you can use? Can you get your family to help you set up the recording?

It’s all about feelings

A road trip is about discovery. You go on a journey where you will see new places with your family, meet new friends, find out more about yourself and explore the world. Record what you encounter along the way: big moments and small details. Always have your camera on hand so you can take great photos of anything that catches your eye or surprises you.

Document the milestones

What remains of your road trip if you don’t capture the most important stops with your camera? Document all the milestones of your journey: the first time that your children see the sea, the fantastic view from the mountain top, the place you have wanted to visit for years, the historical monument that impresses you. Take photos of the names of the cities you visit and the hotels or airbnbs you are staying in. All of these things can form the framework for the story of your road trip to which you can attach all of the other photos.

Pay attention to the little things

Sometimes it’s the small, fine details that bring your story to life and give it color and depth: a spontaneous stop for lunch in a country inn, an impressive giant sand castle on the beach, a snapshot of all of you when you’re having fun together. Capture these moments to give your story a very special, personal touch. These are the things that make your road trip unforgettable and bring back heartwarming memories when you look back on them later.

Choose the right time of day

The time of day is one of the most important factors influencing the impact of your shots. Early mornings and late afternoons are perfect for taking landscapes and portraits because the light is soft and warm. The rays of the sun hit the earth almost horizontally and provide a rich, delicate light. At lunchtime, on the other hand, the light is rather unfavorable because the sun is almost directly above you and emits a bright light. Decide which time of day is best for your recordings – and enjoy the rest of the time to have fun with the family and take carefree snapshots.

Bring variety to your photos

Variety is everything! This also applies to the photos from your road trip. Always face new challenges and try out new perspectives. Focus on portraits, even if you actually prefer landscapes. Are you fascinated by snapshots of the pulsating life on the streets and markets? Then combine them with atmospheric landscape shots. Take photos of the children with your partner and others without and in portrait and landscape format. In this way you bring variety to your photos and round off your story much better than with a lot of similar shots.

Keep moving

Don’t just stop in one place, move around and look for new perspectives! You will be surprised how different your photos look when you crouch, lie on the floor, stand on a bench, to the side of your subject or even behind it. Always new angles tell a story much better than a collection of photos, all taken from the same height and angle. So change positions often and try something new. When you look back on your road trip, you’ll be happy about it.

We hope that our useful photo tips will help you take better photos and capture great moments from your road trip with the family. How about immortalizing your favorite memories in a photo book or on a mural after returning from your unforgettable adventure? Just click the button below and get started.

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